Tidbits- ASL

A recent tidbit to share, related to my American Sign Language learning.

My friend got free tickets to see the Hamilton musical in my area! I probably wouldn’t have seen it in person otherwise, since it’s usually so expensive. It was really well done, and I had a good time.

But the cool thing was that they had an small team of ASL interpreters (3 of them) who worked during the performance just below stage left near the handicapped seating. I couldn’t help myself and occasionally looked over to see how they were signing certain words or phrases. I recognized a number of time-related signs and question words!

It’s also interesting watching people signing ASL and using the proper facial expressions related to the signs, and knowing that’s what they’re doing. Growing up, I didn’t realize that was part of the signing (that’s not common knowledge, as far as I’m aware), and I assumed that meant the signer had an additional disability. We all know what assume means- making an ass out of myself! Now I know better.

It really is a convenient language. I recognize that I’m someone of privilege to be learning ASL without a hearing impairment and a need or further connection to learn the language currently. But seeing one of the interpreters chatting in sign language before the show with an audience member who was seated a few rows back, and they didn’t have to yell or have a hard time hearing what the other was saying…I think that’s really cool!

Hasta la próxima xx

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