About Me

20190816_155544 (2)Bonjour! Hola! Salve! 你好! Hae! Cześc! こんにちは! Hallo!

My name is Bonnie and I’m passionate about languages. I’m American and I currently live on the East Coast in the US. I’m 31 and so far I’ve traveled to 8 other countries. I speak/am learning 9 other languages besides English, my mother tongue. I’ve blogged about languages on various platforms, but I decided that I wanted to write my own blog, so here we are!

I’d like to share my personal stories, language resources that have worked for me, info about languages/countries/language learning that I think are cool, and to create a positive, safe, and welcoming space.

Enchanté et à la prochaine!
bis xx

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