Why do I write in English?

If I’m learning all these languages, why do I write my posts in English? I live in the United States, and a large amount of the population is monolingual and only speaks English. An American seriously learning a second language is a minority, and someone like me learning multiple languages is unusual. There are many reasons to learn other languages (maybe I’ll delve into that … Continue reading Why do I write in English?

How to fit language learning into your life (or at least how I do)

#1 Make it your favorite hobby I have lots of hobbies. I’m the kind of person who is either keeping myself busy or relaxing on my couch reading a book/watching a show. One hundred percent energy or 10 percent energy, I guess? Some of my other hobbies are playing the violin (I also play guitar, ukalele, and a smidgen of piano), riding horses, reading a … Continue reading How to fit language learning into your life (or at least how I do)

Month in Review- July 2019

French: I actually feel more comfortable now that I’m listening to RFI daily. I didn’t think it would make that much of a difference, but it does! Daily routine- listen to “Le Journal en Francais Facile” sur RFI, read articles/posts on the internet Weekly routine- watch/listen to “Le13hr du weekend” sur TF1 I started a new routine this year, and I’ve been able to keep … Continue reading Month in Review- July 2019

A little bit everyday

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” You’ve heard this expression, right? Eating something healthy every day keeps your body running well. It’s the same process for language learning! It really helps to learn at least a little bit every day. Even if you have a language class where you have a MonWedFri schedule or you’re putting multiple hours into language learning sessions during … Continue reading A little bit everyday