How was your January- I mean, 1st Quarter?

Happy February- I mean, 1st Quarter! (I wrote this post in February, and never published it, woops! It still feels relevant though, so enjoy!) This isn’t really a month in review…Just a few language learning things I’ve come across, or cool things I’ve learned recently, a few wins and losses, you know the usual. French- I had a bit of a “fail” with My French … Continue reading How was your January- I mean, 1st Quarter?

Lang Podcasts

When podcasts first came out, I wasn’t really interested. I wasn’t sure if I had the attention span to listen to a podcast, and I really preferred music anyway. But something got me interested to try one out, and I’ve been hooked ever since! In general, I like to multitask while I have podcasts on in the background. It depends for my language learning podcasts- … Continue reading Lang Podcasts