Month in Review- March 2021

March 2021 seemed long while I was working through the month (probably because February was nice and short), but now that it’s over it seems like it flew by! Here’s what I’ve been up to with my language learning for the month. In general: I’ve really been cranking through my youtube queue, so I’m grateful that I made it a point to take advantage of … Continue reading Month in Review- March 2021

How to create a language learning schedule

I often get asked how I fit my language learning into my life, and how much should you practice. I’ve made previous posts about this topic…and this post will be about how to actually plan out a schedule! I’m learning 9 languages right now, which can be a lot to fit into a week. This was my old schedule when I was learning 7 languages, … Continue reading How to create a language learning schedule

Adding new languages to learn… Why? When?

The short answer is… when you want to! Because you want to! Here’s my long answer about why/when to add new languages: In general, once you’ve learned 1 or 2 languages, you probably know how you like to learn. What your daily schedule is like, how long it takes you, what your learning style is, and what resources work best. So when you want to … Continue reading Adding new languages to learn… Why? When?

Language Learning Goals for 2021

How is it 2021 already? Well, here goes- these are my goals for the year! In general: watch more language youtube videos- I’ve gotten behind already. There’s so much that’s free & readily available, don’t forget about it! French: I’m missing out on my speaking practice…I should really try fitting italki into my schedule! I want to do more writing prompts, for some of those … Continue reading Language Learning Goals for 2021

Language Links 2

Lucrezia from Learn Italian with Lucrezia posted a video about Risorse gratuite online per studenti di italiano (A1-C1). Here are the links for the individual resources, I’ve already taken a look and they seem helpful: Alma Edizione, Italiano Per Stranieri, Liber Liber, and Virgilio Sapere. I came across this online literary magazine called Latin American Literature Today, and they have this interesting article about translating … Continue reading Language Links 2