A little bit everyday

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” You’ve heard this expression, right? Eating something healthy every day keeps your body running well. It’s the same process for language learning! It really helps to learn at least a little bit every day. Even if you have a language class where you have a MonWedFri schedule or you’re putting multiple hours into language learning sessions during … Continue reading A little bit everyday

Month in Review – January 2019 – belated

C’est tant difficile de croire que le janvier est déjà passé! Je trouve que l’année 2019 a bel et bien commencé pour moi. J’espère que le reste de l’année continue sur cette voie. Pienso que mis objetivos de lenguas han pasado bien en enero. Utilizo mi francés y mi español cada día (por la mayor parte del mes) en cualquiera manera. Juego con Drops para … Continue reading Month in Review – January 2019 – belated

How long have I been in love with languages?

Bonjour! Hola! Salve! 你好! Hae! Cześc! My name is Bonnie and I’m passionate about languages. I’m American and I currently live on the East Coast in the US. I’m 27 and so far I’ve traveled to 7 other countries. I speak/am learning 7 other languages besides English, my mother tongue. As a kid, I remember thinking that other languages were really cool. Like how you … Continue reading How long have I been in love with languages?