Life update- part 2

Okay, here is a look into my new study schedule of languages! I’m mainly keeping up with French, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese at the moment. My lower priority languages really are taking a back seat at the moment. But things change in life, and things will change again in the future!

I’m keeping up with news in French and Spanish in the mornings. During my lunch break at work, I have extra time to use (a full hour for lunch, instead of the 30min I’ve been used to at past jobs) so sometimes I take a walk and other times I take notes on grammar or vocab in a notebook. Then in the evening, I might watch a tv show/movie in another language and sometimes I have time for a short textbook session.

On the weekends, I’m still doing my usual volunteer translation, but I’m starting to add back in some longer language study sessions like I had before. I don’t feel like I’m quite where I’d like to be with my language study, but I’m getting there!

It’s still something that I enjoy, so I’m making sure to prioritize language learning and keep it as my No.1 hobby. That seems to be the trick!

 À bientôt mes amis, xx

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