Life update- part 1

It’s been quite a bit of time since my last post! Good news- I started a new day job- and it took me a few weeks (more than a month at that point?!) to adapt to my new schedule and all of the resulting changes!

During this time of getting used to things, I continued to listen to RFI for news in French in the morning, and to listen to all of my podcasts (a few short Italian podcasts, and El Washington Post news in Spanish). But for the most part, I took a break from my textbooks and studying in large sessions like before (for 30min-1hr) during my week.

Now, I’m finally starting to get used to things and to get back into finding a rhythm in my life, for exercising and going to the gym, and finally for my language studies! I’ll continue these thoughts in a follow-up post, as I have more to share! Such as details about my new study schedule…

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