Lang Podcasts

When podcasts first came out, I wasn’t really interested. I wasn’t sure if I had the attention span to listen to a podcast, and I really preferred music anyway. But something got me interested to try one out, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

In general, I like to multitask while I have podcasts on in the background. It depends for my language learning podcasts- I tend to get more out of them if I’m doing a quiet stationery activity and able to actively listen to them. Some of these podcasts are older, some are more recent, and some have ended or not updated in a while. Feel free to check them out!

French podcasts:

Les secrets du Musée des Augustins

Un podcast, une oeuvre (Centre Pompidou)

La vie secrète des Geekettes (ended 2015)

elles parlent (ended 2019)

Ecosse Toujours (ended 2021)

La Bougeotte (ended 2018)

La Poudre

ARTE Radio: A suivre, Un podcast à soi, 28 Minutes, Bookmakers

Quebecois/French Canadian podcasts:

Jay Du Temple discute (ended 2021)

Aujourd’hui l’histoire (ended 2018)

Radio Canada OHdio (an app for the radio station, that has many podcasts & series available)

Italian podcasts:

A Writer in Italy

Speak Italiano- Pensieri e Parole

Italiano con Amore

Learn Italian with Lucrezia

Stivale italiano

Con Parole Nostre (ended 2022)

Spanish podcasts:

Radio menea (Spanglish)

Romeo y Julieta par The Public Theatre (ended 2021)

The Digital Nomad Show

El Washington Post

Icelandic podcasts:

Grapewaves (English) (yearly, will return each November for the Iceland Airwaves Festival)

The Reykjavik Grapevine’s Podcast (English)

Japanese podcasts:

The Tofugu Podcast

Learning Chinese podcasts:

Coffee Break Chinese (ended 2018)

Language learning podcasts:

Language Chats

Love, Joy, and Languages

The Future is Bilingual

Speaking Tongues


Language Stories (ended 2019)

The Fluent Show (ended 2022)

Do you have any to suggest to me? Please do!

I’m sure I’ll have new podcasts to suggest in the future, so there will be a part 2 post eventually.

再见! Zai jian! xx

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