Whose line is it anyway? New apps!

Recently I’ve decided to try out some new language learning apps! Novelty is a big part of my learning process, so I recognize that and make sure to add in new resources every so often. Sometimes I come across them out of the blue, and other times I have to go looking.

I found these apps and gave them a try for a few weeks! Here’s what I think (I’m using the free versions, and this is unsponsored).

Bunpo (Japanese)- This is similar to other SRS vocab apps. But I like the very simple design, and that even when they’re teaching the basics (hiragana is a category that I went through, for revision) they’re still adding in vocab by showing you small combination words. This won’t be a main app for me, but I definitely plan to continue using it as a fun side app!

Practical Icelandic: This app is too advanced for me right now, but it’s great to know about for the future. I feel like a lot of language learning apps are for beginner to intermediate only. But I would consider this intermediate to advanced, because it is an app full of stories (to read or listen to) in Icelandic. You could even use these stories to then answer your own summary questions or for a writing exercise after.

Obenkyo (Japanese)- This is more for quizzing yourself on writing, numbers, vocab, and grammar structures. A simple black background for the app, but it might be too simple? Since I’m used to more colorful apps like Duolingo or Language Drops, I would prefer those to this. This app is more one-time use or on an occasion when I feel like quizzing myself.

Bluebird Icelandic– Wow, this is a quality app for learning Icelandic. This app reminds me more of a Pimsleur CD with lessons, than a typical game-ified vocab learning app (like Duolingo). I only used the free version, and there was tons of free content (categories, grammar, vocab, and daily lessons for multiple levels). But I saw there was also locked content under my profile, so this might even be helpful for an intermediate to advanced learner. And considering that it can be hard to find Icelandic learning content, this app would definitely be worth paying for, if you weren’t able to pay for lessons (for example).

Optilingo– This app has multiple languages (the usual culprits, but also Icelandic and Circassian were interesting ones on their list). This is definitely beginner only for the free version, and I doubt the paid version gets particularly advanced. They do have audio from native speakers, but in the beginner lessons I was able to try out, they spoke very slowly and involved a lot of English in their lessons. I wouldn’t recommend this app, considering how many other better apps and resources are out there (Drops, Memrise, and Clozemaster all beat this app).

Chinese Skill– This app is almost exactly the same at Lingodeer…honestly, I’m not sure which app came out first, but that’s concerning haha. Or maybe they’re owned by the same company/creators, and it’s fine! This app has a panda mascot and different jingle sounds, but everything else is the same. Since I’ve already started profiles on Lingodeer for Chinese and Japanese, I’ll be sticking with Lingodeer.

If you have any new/unusual apps to recommend to me, feel free! I’m always up for trying new language learning resources.

Ciao, alla prossima xx

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