Meow, Miao, Miau!

I adopted a cat a few months ago! I’ve lived with different family pets over the years, but I haven’t had my own cat in my apartment on my own yet. I decided this was the time, and went through the process of adopting an adult cat from a local shelter. She is about 6 years old, and she is a tortoiseshell-tabby mix. She came to me with good house manners, and she likes to cuddle on the couch in the evening! Of course, she’s also just a regular cat who occasionally gets into mischief or swats me with her paw.

But pets can be a great partner for language learning! I had a few catchphrases that I would use with my parent’s cats (2 boy grey/white tabby cats that they still have). Terms of endearment, little phrases about going places, talking about their toys…it can be good for practicing little day-to-day vocabulary with a pet.

They can also be good conversation partners for when you’re just starting out learning a language! If you’re too nervous to speak with another person, or you just want to practice having improvised conversation, a pet that won’t quickly respond to you or immediately criticize something, can be a good alternative. I recorded a video of my cat playing while I chatted to her in Italian about her likes and dislikes with food & toys, how my day went before I got back home, and whatever else came to mind. It got me speaking Italian for a solid amount of time, feeling more relaxed and not as worried about making mistakes. I also got a cute cat video out of it!

It can also be fun to look up pet-related vocabulary, terms of endearment for pets in other languages and cultures, etc!

Do Zobaczenia Wkrótce,

   całus xx

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