If I’m not sure when I’ll travel abroad again, why do I learn languages?

Considering the state of the world, I’m not sure when I’ll travel internationally again. Of course I think I will eventually travel again, but right now it doesn’t feel safe and I think it would be insensitive for me to be a tourist in another country. Especially if I were vaccinated, and that country was still releasing vaccines to the locals.

In the past, I have often learned a language for travel! Whether more seriously, like French which is my most advanced language. Or just the basics for getting around- like with Catalan, German, and Icelandic. I had been planning a vacation for 2020 where I would learn a bit of Dutch, so I could travel from France into Belgium and the Netherlands.

But, I don’t have to use travel as a reason to learn languages. I can have online conversations with people around the world by just logging on to the internet! I also don’t have to interact with other people, in order to use a language. I can watch movies, read books, and listen to music & podcasts.

Learning another language opens so many doors to all different kinds of new content. I can read books in their native language, and I can understand the movie without having to use subtitles. It’s a more immersive experience when you can do things like this, and I always feel like I get more out of the content. It’s like being let in on an inside joke or a secret from a friend, when I can understand something in another language.

We’re all citizens of the world…travel should be a right or a freedom that belongs to everyone. More often than not, it’s a privilege since it can be expensive and depend on your passport status. When I eventually feel comfortable and safe, and I’m able to travel internationally, I look forward to experiencing new things from a culture!

Until then, prenez soin de vous et de vos proches! xx

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