Language Links 2

Lucrezia from Learn Italian with Lucrezia posted a video about Risorse gratuite online per studenti di italiano (A1-C1). Here are the links for the individual resources, I’ve already taken a look and they seem helpful: Alma Edizione, Italiano Per Stranieri, Liber Liber, and Virgilio Sapere.

I came across this online literary magazine called Latin American Literature Today, and they have this interesting article about translating poetry.

Asymptote Journal is a good literary journal to check in on every so often, and they have translations with the original works available to read and sometimes listen to (whether fiction, non-fiction, poetry, as well as articles about language and literature). Here are some French poems, Spanish poems, and Italian poems, for example.

Lindie Botes is a fellow polyglot who I follow online. She posted a helpful video about creating language learning schedules. If you don’t use a schedule, and you’re learning just fine, then disregard this advice. But for me, since I’ve been out of school and working as an adult, it has really helped to make a weekly schedule, to try my best to stick to it, and to keep track of my practices using a habit tracker chart. It’s also easier for me to see my progress this way too.

Kerstin Cable from Fluent Language has come out with her latest Top Tools review and you can listen to her podcast episode or read the article here. She reviewed new ones and compared them to last year’s Top Tools list, and narrowed down her recommendations. I’m always looking for new fun language learning tools, so feel free to suggest any in the comments to me as well.

besitos xx

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