Month in Review- August 2019


I went to a meeting with a local French conversation Meetup Group this month! I regularly attended this group about 4 years ago, but stopped for a variety of reasons. One of my other francophile friends wanted to go and see what it was like again, so we went. It was actually pretty nice. Things had changed a little, and it seemed like a refreshed group, so we might start going regularly again. I stayed speaking in French the whole time, and mainly spoke with other advanced non-native speakers.

An American friend of mine from grad school got married to her French fiancé at the end of August! I attended the wedding and got to speak French with his family & friends who also came for the festivities. It was absolutely lovely to be able to speak French with someone irl. Of course there were words or phrases that I forgot here and there, but for the most part it didn’t feel as rusty as it usually does. I think I have a better daily routine this year, so that makes me feel good about it.


I found a few different articles/videos about Spanish podcasts…but I haven’t committed to listening to one yet. I’ll get there though! Right now I’m focusing on some of my other languages more. I’m still enjoying my daily Spanish videos and reading articles.


Starting in July, I was planning on increasing my Italian practice for the next 3 months with 1 session for each of the 4 categories for language practice (reading, listening, writing, speaking) per week. I did a great job keeping up with this schedule in July & August. For September, I’m actually increasing my practices even more. My new plan is to 1) do a little something every day, 2) keep up with the 1 session for each language skill category a week and 3) have a 30min conversation in Italian each week in September.

I finally tried out italki! I’ll have to put my thoughts down on paper for a separate post…but so far, I recommend it, and I wish I’d tried it sooner.


Drops is still a lot of fun. I really enjoy this language app more than the others for Chinese. I’m using the free version, so I get 5minutes of Chinese practice every 10 hours. I do a little session after breakfast, and then again after dinner. I’m happy with where I am, and I’m just going to stick with my current routine.


This is one of my lower priority languages, and I’m just gradually learning it as I go.

My pronunciation feels okay…sometimes I come across tricky words, but I just do my best. I’m not putting a lot of pressure on myself to really get the case system and the conjugations. Right now I’m mainly working on comprehension, pronunciation/accent, learning new vocabulary, and recognizing grammar patterns.


This language is in the same boat as Polish. My practice is a little rocky, and I’m often crashing up against the sandy shores of the land of the fairy people. But I’m enjoying the things that I’m learning about the language and the culture as I go!


This is one of my lower priority languages, and I’m just gradually learning it as I go. I don’t always get to my ASL practice once a week, but I still enjoy it when I do get around to it.

I hope your language learning went well in August, and that you’re refreshed to keep learning in September! Bonne rentrée à tou(te)s! xx


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