A little bit everyday

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

You’ve heard this expression, right? Eating something healthy every day keeps your body running well.
It’s the same process for language learning! It really helps to learn at least a little bit every day.

Even if you have a language class where you have a MonWedFri schedule or you’re putting multiple hours into language learning sessions during the week. If you have a 1hr language session once a week. Whether you have a lot of time for language learning in your schedule, or you only have 15 minutes a day- that time adds up!

Being able to sneak in a listen to the French radio in the morning while you’re making breakfast, or listen to a Spanish podcast during your commute to work, or practice writing 1 Chinese character a day, or you send your Polish friend a whatsapp voice memo after you get home from work before you start dinner…all these things add up over time.

The more you integrate the language into your life, the more you’ll pick it up. The progress might be slow-going initially, but in the long run your language skills will feel more solid because of the consistent practice you’re doing.

A little bit everyday is all you need- get out there and learn some languages!

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